Fishbowl Inventory

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Fishbowl Inventory

Managed Fishbowl Hosting

Our performance tuned servers will leave you highly secure and fully mobile.

Keep an eye on your inventory from virtually anywhere, and on any device.

Get your feet wet with cloud-hosted Fishbowl Inventory from WebProvise…

Are you working from a PC? Mac? Smartphone or other device? As you may or may not know, Fishbowl Inventory is a high-performance inventory and manufacturing application and the most popular inventory management solution among QuickBooks users. Carefully tuned to work in our state-of-the-art Enterprise hosting environment, you can now keep an eye on your inventory and/or accounting from virtually any device and from virtually anywhere.

We deliver the highest performance at the best price, why settle for anything else?

We have clients that have been hosting with us for years, and have never looked elsewhere…

At WebProvise, we use Citrix technology to host, support and manage our clients. This not only guards against loss of performance but allows us to help you make the most of your security and remote access needs. Get reliable, secure access to one of the latest and greatest inventory management and asset tracking tools available with help from WebProvise.

AppCloud Fishbowl/QuickBooks (AC-FQ1)
Dedicated Windows 2012 Server R2

Cisco ASA Firewall

Dell PowerEdge Server, Intel® Xeon® E5645 2.40GHz CPUs

6 GB High-Speed Ram (Upgradable)

15k RPM Hard Drives (Raid 10) – 36 GB Total/Upgradable

3 Layer Backup Protection

24/7 Support

Magento, Amazon, eBay Compatible (Addl. Charge)

And more…

starting at

Designed for serious businesses who don’t want to compromise security and performance. We have custom scripts that help Fishbowl run better than ever, especially with exports to QuickBooks. Our staff is there to create a solution that supports your needs.

Inquire about one of our mind-blowing demos or ask us how Fishbowl Inventory Hosting can benefit you and your business. Call (800) 381-0027 today.