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Insider Threat Protection

Developers can put organizational security at risk with little effort, which can negatively expose your product. Beyond unintentional damage developers can cause, insider attacks – such as rogue employees, former employees who still have access to your system, malicious contractors, and other bad actors – are capable of doing even more damage. They’re often more difficult to prevent and detect than attacks originating outside your organization. Research states that a third of all organizations still have no capability to prevent or deter an insider attack.

WebProvise helps you quickly identify the weak spots in your organization by giving you complete insight in your developers’ activities. This way, you can educate innocent developers to prevent putting your organization at risk, or modify network policies to stop malicious attacks from within the organization, dramatically reducing risk and improving security confidence across your organization.

We firmly believe this is the most secure way of developing a new product in the event you want to utilize remote workers and on-premise. Protecting your asset is critical and should not be overlooked.

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